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Rome Food Tour 3

Luna suggested we walk off lunch by another walk and we headed to the slaughterhouses. Some of this huge complex of buildings has been turned into art studios, exhibition space and other arts related uses. Turning around from the slaughterhouses, we looked at Monte Testaccio a tree covered hill overlooking the area. But is is not a natural hill - it is made up of millions of potsherds that were thrown here after shipments of olive oil came into ancient Rome from Spain Because the clay absorbed the smell and taste of the oil the amphora could not be reused and so they were discarded. As they aged they became rancid so they were contained within one area. If you look closely you can see the layers of pots that make up the hill. Around the bottom of the hill are a lot of small, very old buildings, many of which are night clubs and restaurants. The builders tunneled into the hill and used the natural air conditioning effect to store wine bottles and to age meat. We are nearing the end of our tour but there is still more eating - a type of rice ball (arancini) but this one is more savory than the cheese ones I have had before and then back to the market for a cannoli made by a couple of Sicilian Women.

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