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Rome Food Tour

Having a couple of days in Rome prior to joining RS's 7 Days in Rome, I chose to take Eating Italy's food tour in the Testaccio area of Rome. What a great decision! A four hour walking and tasting tour turned out to be a 4 hour moveable feast! You are responsible for getting yourself to the starting point, a coffee shop by the site of the old Testaccio market. As I was staying by the Vatican I had a good introduction to the Rome Metro and arrived safely and in good time. There were 10 of us on the tour along with our guide Luna. We started with "breakfast" - a cornetto at a local pastry shop followed by tiramisu. My only complaint was that we didn't get an espresso with the cornetto which would have made it a truly Roman breakfast! Then next door to a deli - except to call it a deli is doing it a misservice - it was an Aladdin's cave of proscuitto, salami, cheese, olives and other delights. Our tastings here began with three cheeses - including a mozzarella which bore absolutely no resemblance to the white plastic we get in the supermarkets in North America. This was mozzarella d'bufalo - rich, creamy and delicious. All the cheeses were good. Then we got to try plates of various hams and salami. Hog heaven! There is nothing like proscuitto carved right off the bone. The shop was very crowded as it was Saturday and people were stocking up for the weekend before they closed at 1.00 pm. So we just dived in for a quick photo op and to inhale the delicious odour of the hams and sausages.

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