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Ring of Kerry - missing hint

If your first stop after arriving in Shannon is Kenmare, I don't recommend the N71. Its a tight windy road the posted speed limit of 100km/h gives no indication that you need to practically stop, go into 1st gear to navigate some of the turns. We followed Rick's directions for the Ring of Kerry starting in Kenmare, and had a lovely drive and saw only 2 buses. BUT! we stayed another night in Kenmare and had to navigate the N71, going south from Killarney, once again, this time at about 5pm when ALL - too many to count- the tour buses were heading back to Killarney. So here's the hint Rick needs to add to his Ring of Kerry route - when you get to Killorglin, and you're not heading north to Dingle, but back south to Kenmare, take N72 into Killarney and the N22 out of Killarney to the R 569 back to Kenmare. This is the route the locals will take, but not the tour buses. Your side mirrors and your passengers will thank you.

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