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Ridiculous rules and poor customer service at JustFly

I suggest you to stay away from the JustFly!

I am the first-time user of this agent. Unfortunately I double booked the flight tickets for exactly the same passengers, the same flight, and the same days, due to clicking on two tabs of the same web page. I realized this booking error, and called JustFly to ask for cancellation of one booking, within 10 mins after I booked the flights. The customer service insisted on charging me $150 for cancellation fee.

Their rules are ridiculous to me. How come JustFly allows multiple bookings of the same passengers for the same flights on the same days? How come this agent charges the cancellation fee for double booking? How come JustFly charges the customers for its own processing error?

I understand individual agents have their own rules. However, this agent blamed customers for all responsibility, even it is due to the agent's own processing mistake. I used many other websites and booking agents, and never had such kind of issues before. Therefore, I strongly suggest people to stay away from this agent.

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I agree $150.00 is a hefty fee but you’ve admitted the error was yours.

Did you ask to speak to a supervisor?

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So they don’t adhere to the 24-hour cancelation rule the airlines permit. Try calling back and speaking to another agent or file a chargeback with your credit card company. This company isn’t a travel agent; it’s a discount ticket seller and is known for its gotcha pitfalls. This clicking twice stuff could happen to anyone. Sorry you have to deal with such a ticket seller. Next time buy from the airline even if more expensive.

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you made an error and they are to blame because you clicked twice?

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Sorry you had this experience, which is a perfect example of why I do everything possible to book directly with the airline, hotel, tour operator, etc. and not a third party.

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I'm afraid that I don't know how to say this without it sounding a little snide, but that is not my intent.

I have noticed that on this board, and especially on the the trip advisor airline travel board, people come and complain after the fact. Yet, on these same boards hundreds of others have already reported the problems with the very same online travel agents. If you didn't take the time to read the forums and be warned away from JustFly before you used them, what makes you think that others will do so with your post?

I am very sorry because no one likes to be charged $150 for a mistake that was easily made. I hope that you can move past this and still enjoy the rest of your trip.

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Carol, I think that you phrased that perfectly.

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That's their website issue, and you're probably not the first one to have it happen. I bet they know already that it's an issue and are happy to use it as a profit center.

Likely once the ticket is sent to the airline, they will cancel it as a double booking anyway.

Otherwise, you can have your credit card company intervene.

It's not your fault. Websites should not invite mistakes, and I write this as someone very close to the online travel industry.

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Mistakes happen, it all depends on with who. We are another couple who avoid third party bookers. And I am also in the group that says, call back and speak to someone else, always. We were booking two sets of two tickets on Lufthansa. I was doing one set, my hubby the other on a separate computer. When we got the email confirmation we realized he booked the wrong second flight from Frankfurt to Kraków. When I called the agent told me to cancel and book again. My husband called immediately after I hung up, got another agent and they fixed the problem over the phone in 1 minute. It was 100% our mistake but the airline 24 hour policy was in our favor.

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I think our poster may be a drive-by.

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Any airline will let you book multiple tickets for the exact same person on the exact same flights. But then the airlines will catch that, usually in advance of the flight, and cancel all but one. Could there be software fixes put in to prevent this in the first place? Of course, especially if you have a frequent flyer account with that airline and book all of them within that account. But they choose not to, apparently assuming their customers would not be that careless as to book multiple duplicate flights.

It is not mentioned what airports the flights were between or what airline they were on. The 24 hour cancel for full refund is a US policy mandated by the government. If these flights were originating and ending outside the US on a non US airline then the rule does not apply and cancellation fees are allowed (depending on the rules of the country involved). And this company may be charging the fee as a customer service assistance fee when actual humans have to get involved to fix issues and not as an airline change fee.

And when booking your own flights, it is your responsibility to get it right. If you can't handle the responsibility, use a brick-and-mortar travel agent.