Rick I know you recommend hotels in center of Rome. But check out ..

Rick you as a teacher should check out the hotel that we stayed at on the outskirts of Rome in the Northeast area of Nomentana. Relais 6 on Via Tolmino Just a 10 minute ride on bus #90 from the Termini. price is great if you book early. full xtra large free buffet breakfast and free WIFI. a WWII museum out back. This was the allied force's base command center. wow what a place!!
During rennovations they found ancient pottery and artifacts too. Let us know what you think... we would love to know.

Posted by Andrea
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Nice info to have, but Rick doesn't read the Helpline. The Trip Report section to to share information with other travelers. Thanks for letting us know there are other options besides those in the guidebooks!

Posted by Nigel
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millicent If you want to send a suggestion to the Rick Steves gang, use the Contact Us link at the bottom of each page, or give them a call. We're a bunch of fellow travelers here...

Posted by Denise
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According to their website, these rooms are 250 euros for one person. Is that about what you paid? The rooms look beautiful.