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Provence Trip Report

Thanks to the forum!

My brief overview of our trip. Album will be posted at the end for those seeking photos.

  1. Flew into CDG, took TGV to Avignon TGV outside the city. Rented car.
  2. Drove 20 minutes to St.Remy. Easy to park there. AIRBNB had a code to get into the house. Very easy.
  3. We stayed in the city centre of St.Remy. We spend Saturday to following Sunday. SO like 8 days.

Places visited:
Les Baux
Chateau Neuf Du pape
Pont du gard
Gorges of Verdun
Various Wineries and olive oil shops
l'isle Sorgue
Baume (Mary Magdalena tomb)
Lots of other Cote du Rhone villages.

Part 2:
We drove to Lyon for lunch and a walk around.
WE then arrived in Beaune.
We stay at a small winery AirBNB. Very cool. Spent 2 nights and a day in Beaune. Did the catacombs, a castle and some wine tasting.

Part 3:
AirBNB in StGermaine area of Paris. Also did Versailles this time around. Plus the usual bucket list (My 3rd time in Paris, still havent done it all)

Picture album.

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Nice pictures. I'll be heading next Aug/Sep for my 3rd trip to Paris. Have been May/Jun & Oct before. Trying out different times. And yes, a lot more to see & do.

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  • Did only one person do the driving, or did you split it?
  • How many km did you drive on the whole trip?
  • What month did you go?

Your pics look great! Love all the food shots.

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It was my.wife and our moms. I did all the driving. I enjoy driving, I also control the radio(Spotify) and planned everything. Provence is very fun to drive in!

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Love your pictures! Of the places we've been so far, Provence is one of my favorites. It's relaxed and beautiful. St Remy is well located. What were your impressions of Lyon?

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That was my 3rd time to Lyon. Its a more chill version of Paris. Lot less crowd, and WAY better food. All the main cooking schools are based out of Lyon. You can get Michelin star meals for normal prices. Plus close proximity to Rhone Valley gets your great affordable wines.

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All I can say is WOW! Holy Smoke! Incredible pictures! I don't know who the photographer is, but they have a great eye. Of course the subject matter was fabulous! The skies in Provence... What can I say, they are fabulous. What time of year were you there? I see you were wearing jackets, so I'm guessing the Fall. I also see that you're from Houston. I'm hoping that Harvey didn't interfere with your plans. As a fellow Texan I'm also celebrating the Astros World Series win.