prague vs. Krakow

we have 3 nights between the two cities and have been advised to move on to Krakow after one day/night scoping Prague. After all, Krakow is the "next Prague!" Opps. Sorry. I need to find another site. Shall report after the trip!!!

Posted by Agnes
Alexandria, VA, USA
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Sorry, I cringe when someone says some city is the "next .... " Each is unique so just enjoy what each has to offer - I doubt Krakow is aiming to be something else, it has its own special history and attractions (for what it's worth, I'm a proud Pole)

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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Agnes, I haven't been to Poland, but I agree completely. And my sister loves Prague and gets very steamed when some place is called the "next Prague" - she insists there will NEVER be a next Prague. This actually ruined her trip to Budapest; she thought it would similar to Prague, so she was very disappointed trying to view Budapest through a "Prague lens." So, please follow Agnes's advice: Don't seek to compare places, but appreciate them for themselves. My personal nominee for most annoying comparison is the constant drumbeat that "Montreal is Paris without the jet lag." No, it's not; it's a wonderful city, but very different from Paris.

Posted by Kaz
Santa Clarita, CA, USA
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Martha, I got to visit both Prague and Krakow. In your situation with only 4 days, I would give both, 2 days each. One day in Prague is just not enough time. It is a gorgeous city with a lot to see. It is larger than Krakow and the sights are more spread out. I had three days there, and I would have liked more. I had only 2 days in Krakow, but since the historical area is more compact that Prague, I felt I did get to see what I wanted to see.
I would agree with the previous posts, that you really cannot call Krakow, the next Prague, for they are in two different countries, with different cultures. They both have their own great unique people, cuisine, culture and history. I loved them both!

Wake Forest, NC, United States
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We did Prague and Krakow last year and hands down we loved Krakow so much more! We loved it so much that we are actually starting our trip in Krakow this year and are skipping Prague all together! I definitely think Prague is worth a visit but to us it was way to crowded. We enjoyed the scenery, people, location and food so much more in Krakow.

Posted by Nick
Paxton, Ma, USA
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My daughter attended Charles U in Prague so natch we visited her. After 5 days we just about saw Prague. What a fantastic city. My recommendation is to pick one and do it up right. Otherwise you will miss most of the highlights of both cities.