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Prague October 2011 Trip Report part Two

General Observations
Most younger people spoke English very well. Older people, not as much. But I never really felt a language barrier except in Karoly Vary and some of the less-touristy taverns. HOWEVER, the street names are so confusing and similar looking because of the lack of vowels, that I found it difficult to navigate the streets without stopping at every intersection! Beer is cheaper than soda, coffee, tea, and sometimes water! Like most of Europe, ice is a rare commodity. We had to ask for an ice tray for our refrigerator. Trams have the right of way, then pedestrians, the cars. Traffic lights are rare. Cobblestones are everywhere, and heavy soled shoes are the best choice. Although confusing at first, the trams and buses are really the best way to get to the further reaches of Prague. But walking could get you to 80% of the sites. I cannot imagine how crowded it could be in the summer, because the crowds were pretty heavy at the touristy sites. Even with satellite television, you will only get CNN and BBC. But, hey, it is fun to watch "The Big Bang Theory" with dubbing in Czech! They love the Simpsons too, and you could find Duff beer (made in Germany) in the small convenience stores. Kentucky Fried Chicken seems to be the most popular US-type fast food place. Mailboxes are orange and attached to buildings, looking like a book drop box at a library rather than what we are used to. We walked past many of them before realizing they were right in front of our noses. Negotiate taxi prices up front with the driver before agreeing to let them take you anywhere. Taxis are expensive and they don't have meters.

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