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Perfect two weeks: what a difference 20 years make and we pretend to be James Bond

Day 3: WE spent breakfast trying to figure out what the oval orange thing was ( a hard boiled egg). Our host tried to convince us that they feed the chickens oranges but then told us they put dye in the water so they can tell which were hard boiled. :). This day we went up to the Jungfrau - debated the cost but decided we had come this far..
All was great until the pat from Kleine Shiede to Jungfrau - the altitude was too much for Dad. I do think that part of the problem is that when you exit the train , there is no easy access to the outside - you have to go thru a gift shop, a cafeteria, an ice show etc to find the outside .( Dad also is a little claustrophobic ) . We had a quick look out the window of the very crowded entry where every group seemed to be eating lunch and decided to head right back. Staff was lovely - made certain Dad got on next train down and had him sit on a bench while waiting, We meet another person with the same problem (light headed , dizzy). Once we got down to Kleine Sheidg , all was great. enjoyed a apple cake . Then I decided I would do the 'easy hike" around to Merigen . Well, that hike was a lot harder than it was 20 years ago! They must have changed it . I made it to the first turn and decided to go back and take the train. Still - agreed that even with the dizziness and the blow to my ego - it was a perfect day.
Day 4: the Schilthorn and Piz Gloria: WOW was this FUN!!! Much more enjoyable than the Jungfrau in many ways.
Fir some reason, i found the RS directions confusing but it is very easy to get to. Cable car then train to Murren then a walk to the cable car. Enjoyed the walk thu Murren- stooped several times for photos and a break. Cable car to Brig where we got off and spent about an hour watching the paragliders and enjoying the most spectacular views. Liked the way the viewing platform has the mountains identified and the scary see-thru walk. We were not brave enough to lay down for the fake falling photo but enjoyed watching the young tourists do it. Beautiful sunny day, The took the cable car to the Shilthorn, We really enjoyed the James Bond exhibit which we thought might be tacky but was really fun and interesting. Enjoyed a nice and reasonably priced lunch at the revolving restaurant . Retruning 'home' , dad and I walked to the train in Murren , but I decided to walk partway to the cable car station. Lovely, easy walk which follows the train tracks for some way and which allows you to go all the way to the cable car or get on the train further down, Really enjoyed it and restored some of my bruised ego. Dad and I meet back at the Hotel Jungfrau and then had a nice dinner at the Hotel Oberland. Finished the evening with a movie on my Kindle while listening to the waterfall near our hotel window. and you guessed it- another perfect day.
Day 5 : Early start to complete the Golden Pass . It was gorgeous! Ricks commentary added to it, but the scenery spoke for itself. Arrived in Montreaux and just caught the boat to Chateau de Chillon. Beautiful ride. Enjoyed the Castle and the audio guide, but it was a lot of walking/climbing. Caught the bus back and got off near the Freddie Mercury memorial so we could enjoy the promenade.
One of the best things about our time in Switzerland was that we did 'one' thing a day so we were able to spend a lot of time just enjoying it. The promenade along the lake was beautiful and we took the time to appreciate the sculptures and art installations along the way. Bonus was finding the crepe stand - which were a highlight of our Paris trip. Returned by a regional train which gave us a chance to see Swiss commuters who looked as bored by the scenery as I do on my daily trip over the Brooklyn Bridge ! Got back in time to have a leisurely twilight walk to the campground in Lauterbrunnen and have dinner at their restaurant, very nice.
To sum -Week in Switzerland - leisurely and perfect

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