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Parkside B&B in Bath, England

Just a heads up for anyone planning to stay at the Parkside B&B in Bath. The hostess, Inge, is not willing to serve breakfast any earlier than 8am. We had a tour planned that required us to check in across town at 8:15am and Inge said we couldn't have breakfast any earlier than 8:00, not even a cold breakfast, not a container of yogurt, not even a piece of fruit to take with us. This was especially disappointing as other B&Bs were more than happy to accommodate us even to the point of packing us a wonderful breakfast/lunch to take with us.

Also, maybe this was a one time oversight but I noticed that the carpet in the bedroom hadn't been vacuumed well. You know how your feet are kind of sweaty when you first take off your shoes? Well, I felt something sticking to my feet and it was matted hair as if someone had cleaned their hairbrush and left hair all over the floor.

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