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Paris May 2013

May on the Europe calendar has tons of long weekends and holidays. Be careful when you book because last weekend was a 3 day weekend and many hotels and airfare was booked or expensive. However, I did it anyway. I took Rick's advice and stayed two days at Hotel Lindbergh. This was a fabulous choice. Very nice hotel and so very, very helpful and their English was perfect. Told me exactly how to get to Versailles, Louvre, Notre Dame and Saint Chappelle and how to get back. The lady is an angel! The first night my stay was in a different hotel because they were booked up. I stayed at Hotel De l'Arcade which was also an excellent choice. They were extremely helpful with directions and the rooms in both places were very nice. My last night was in Hotel Verlain in East Paris. It was highly rated on Travel Advisor but I would not recommend Hotel Verlain. East Paris is not so nice and the staff was not friendly or nice especially Gene at the front desk. For transportation to get there, I tried the night train from Munich to Paris. It was nice not having to drive and because of the long weekend, airfare was climbing. That was a nice experience. I felt like Harry Potter. Took the day train back to Munich. Everyone in Paris was friendly and helpful with the exception of Hotel Verlain. Hope this helps!

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Must agree with Marcia,Paris is great in May, just not this May as it was cold, raining and over cast. Took Rick's advice, after visiting the Eiffel Tower, had the gold ring trick shown to us by a middle age woman. We took Rick's and ran quickly away from this crook. I haven't been to Paris since 1980 and was shocked by the Metro as the very strong stench of urine is everywhere! Saw several people urinating in public,in the middle of the day near the Gard du Nord! The area just several blocks north I would highly suggest staying away from especially at night, as it can be quite dangerous. The view from Montmartre is great, though it is very "touristy". The Paris fleamarket was great, though the one in Brussels was a junk yard. Hope this helps someone. Prosit