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Paris 4 days

Hi everyone, Just got back. Spent a week in Burgundy, a week in england but I'll concentrate on paris for this post.
As in the past, always love this city.
Few things different this trip which I give Big Thumbs up.

  1. Museum Pass. We hit 7 museums in 2 days. Spent little or no time getting in. And no guilt for wanting to see a few things and then leave!
  2. Navigo Decouverte. Travel like a local. This is the way to go got the pass for zones 1-5 for 21.50 Euros which is just a little more than a return trip to city from CDG and hopped on all the subways and buses as we liked, just tap and go... The caveat as many mention is that it is from Monday to Sunday. Honestly even if it cost a little more based on when you are there. The convenience and not having to find those little tickets in your pocket and try to remember which one you used to get on .... Well worth it!
  3. Global Entry Card. While this is for the more frequent travelers, we go abroad 1 or 2 times a year and it gives us the tsa precheck within the US. Coming back home to the US was sweet, look at the long line waiting for the passport control as you walk up to the kiosk. Stick your passport in, put your fingers on the scanner, check off a few answers then take your receipt and hand it off. Don't forget to look back at the line still waiting!
  4. Versailles, Hmmm if I was to do it again I would do it differently. First off the security line is long, even first thing in the am. The outside of the Chateau, The Gardens, fountains, and the Cottages were impressive. Inside the Chateau? Not sure that I was that impressed. First off the crowds, you feel like you should Mooo at times. After visiting many Chateaus in Burgundy I felt this ongoing theme. There was once royalty, and oppulance. then the Revolution, these were all torn apart and destroyed. then some time later someone said "Hey, People will pay money to see this!" and they rebuilt and restored (re produced) Some are done with great care like Rochepot. I felt that Versailles looked very reproduced inside. No worries though we have the museum pass and we quickly moved through the chateau and went to the Gardens. If I was to do it again we would have gone to the Gardens and Cottages and just looked at the Grand Exterior of the Chateau. If you want interior, Go to the Louvre. While enjoying the Art, Look up once in a while! Thats what I'm talking about!
  5. St. Chapelle. Definetly worth it. Period.
  6. Rodin Museum. While there is a Rodin Museum close by in Philadelphia, hey we have a museum pass, on the way to the military museum, lets peek in! Nice!
  7. Military Museum, We Just wanted to see Napoleon (1st) tomb and the armor collection. Did not disappoint!
  8. Museum Orangerie: no lines and Monet's Water Lilies... No brainer for me!
  9. Orsay Museum: Pleasant surprise. Gorgeous inside. All the small galleries with all the masterpieces. Seeing the Impressionists work for real and the way they are lit. I get what the fuss is about.
  10. 4 roues et un parapluie tour in Citroen 2CV. Bought this as a Bday gift to my wife. 1.5 hour drive around town late Friday night. The driver was really knowlegeable and took us places we never knew. Better than expected! Gave us lots of ideas for next time. Also driving around Latin and St Germaine late Friday night was cool to see everybody out. Paris has a very strong military presence. We stayed near Republique square, but everywhere around town you saw them. Mostly Parisians were glad to see Americans visiting. Oddly Most of the Americans we met, all were carrying Rick Steves guide books! Not to mention that making reservations around town is pretty easy right now.
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Thanks for posting, and glad to hear that you really enjoyed Paris. Looking forward to being back there this year.

My husband would love the Citroen tour, and I've love to surprise him.

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I have to agree about the interior of Versailles. Gardens were nice but it was November and the interior was shoulder to shoulder even first thing in the AM.

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Nice report. I am heading back myself with the girlfriend, her first time, in 10 days. Cant wait. I to plan on using the Navigo Decouverte card for our transport, there from Saturday to the following Sunday, already got our pictures ready to go. Where did you pick up your card from? I was thinking about getting it at CDG before we head into the city. I will be skipping Versailles this time, the girlfriend really wants to see and go up the Eiffel Tower, and left everything else is up to me. Will be seeing places I missed out on in 2014. Plan on a day trip to Fontainebleau, since the Navigo will cover the train out there as well as the bus to and from the station/chateau and use the Museum Pass to get in. In 2014 you were not allowed to take photos inside the Orsay, but now you can. Its a nice place to just stroll around and enjoy the architecture and exhibits. I missed out on the Military Museum, will definitely be hitting that and like you right after we stop off at Rodin.

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You can pick up the Navigo card right at the RER station at CDG but on Saturday you may only be able to charge it for the time starting Monday and May have to buy your ticket into the city and around on Sunday. You can ask, there are people there to assist at that station and many speak English ell. Just make sure the pics are 25x30cm they charge 5 euros for the card itself and then 21.50 for the week charge. You can use it again in the future.