On to Assisi

We, four women aka the "white Hairs," moved on from Rome to Assisi last month via Tranitalia. Yes, we made it to the bus to the top of the hill where we got off and began to follow the well-illustrated directions to our next "home," St. Anthony's Guest House. We were welcomed by the Sisters and shown to our comfortable, simple rooms. In the pouring rain, we Pacific Northwesters donned our rain gear, popped up our hoods, and headed out, walking sticks in hand. This turned out to be a good idea for our nearest dining spot was down a set of stairs, across a narrow, twisting street, down another set of stairs, across a landing, up a couple steps and into the warm and welcoming Ristorante Degli Orti for a fine repast complete with a dessert that somehow just arrived on our table. We reversed our trajectory and returned to the very safe and secure convent for a good night's sleep. Breakfast was bountiful and beautiful. Then we started out to follow RS's tour of the town from our home starting point about midway on the map. Our first stop was St. Clare's church complete with a nun whose English rivaled our Italian. Yet she still managed to sell us a few cards. We almost lost one member to the side chapel with its crucifix. After pausing outside to look over the valley with the lush new greens and yellows, we headed into an area of small shops. Here one woman was on a mission: a friend had given her a photo of a small cross she wanted. So in and out of store after store. Almost, but just not quite right. Another got lost in a shop filled with Christmas cribs. More later.

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Hi Sue, if you could copy and paste your 2nd thread about your trip onto this thread, it will make it easier for everyone to follow, otherwise, they will get out of order as soon as others start posting on this one or the other one. Once it is copied and pasted, then you can delete the 2nd thread.
Thanks for writing your trip report!

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Thanks, Jo, I tried to run it as one but came back as too long, so divided it. Will see what I can do at this point.