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First off, my dad loves your books. So much in fact he wanted to see Budapest. As a surprise to myself and my mom he set up two 1/2 day tours with Peter Polczman. It was the best thing he has ever done. Peter was professional, courteous, and answered all our questions and even picked a good pace for my parents to walk. At the end of the first 1/2 day he gave us a bucket list to do if we really wanted to see the best and most of Budapest for the time we had. I think we even surprised him by doing all the things he suggested. Our last day we spent relaxing, no tours, only time at the Szechenyi Baths just like the locals since it also turned out to be a holiday for them , May 1st. I am glad to call Peter a friend, and thank you very much for finding such a gem to explore a city I would love to go back and visit. Thank you again, it was the perfect way to end a vacation.
Kim Witalis, DVM

Posted by Charlie
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Who are you addressing your post to? If it is RS, he does not monitor this web site very often as he is usually out and about. Almost all of the posts you see on this web site, especially the ones that answer someones question, are by a bunch of everyday folks who seem to be addicted to travel et al.
Some of us travel to Europe regularly, some have even lived there, and others just enjoy the subject matter. Glad you enjoyed Peter. He was the assistant guide, for the last time before becoming a lead guide, on a RS tour that I took. I could not agree with your comments about him more. He is someone that I would invite into my home anytime.

Posted by Jaye
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Hi Kim! Thanks so much for the great referral, we plan on visiting Budapest for the first time next year and I have bookmarked Peter's site. Hope we can tour with him next year. The Szechenyi Baths are on our list also, sounds like a lot of fun! Where did you stay and how was it? Any other tips? Thank you again! Happy Travels!

Posted by Eileen
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This is going into my files...How neat of your father to do that (and how soooo unlike MY father LOL! And him at the baths? Bwah-ha-ha!!!). How great to be able to travel with your parents, too. We cancelled Budapest at the last minute on our first trip 15 years ago, and STILL haven't made it there :-( Unfortunately, we're accruing quite a few 'we've GOT to get to _____ on our next trip' (sigh). DVMs are special people to us; we've kept ours particularly busy this year, but we also have 20- &17(+)-year-old kitties still with us, humming along ^..^