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New Visa requirement for European countries?

I saw something a few weeks ago that said many countries in Europe will start requiring a new visa for Americans in November of this year. Any info on that. I have a trip to Sweden and Denmark in early September that I assume will be unaffected.

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It's called ETIAS. It's not a visa. It's an online application to enter. It's been postponed until sometime in 2024.

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I wonder if it will ever become active? Wasn't it due to start in 2019 or 2020?

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Nope it's not a VISA; it just applies to foreigners who are able to travel to the Schengen under the Visa Waiver program, like American citizens. Travelers who currently need a visa will still need a visa.

This may give you some indication just how long this thing has been under discussion.✓&query=ETIAS.&button=

So we'll see if it actually gets off the ground in 2024! Oh, and then there's EES (not in operation yet either):

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Generally all immigration and custom requirements are reciprocal between countries as they treat each others citizens the same. So, if country A makes visitors from country B step through four hoops and present five documents, country B will require the same when country A visitors come calling. I haven't followed it but I think the US is trying to make Europeans file additional paper work or forms or something prior to arrival in the US. When that happens, then we will have to do the same when we go to Europe. It is only fair - HA!