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Month of October in Italy- Rome first 2 weeks

We just spent 2 weeks in Rome. Had a very nice apartment just across Via Leone on the 5th floor and very affordable. Looked right at the top of the Vatican wall. Shopped at the Trionfale Market several times. A great market. Just what I needed to cook in a couple of nights.

Thank you Rick for all of the tips. We would watch from our balcony the blocks long line of people waiting to go into the Vatican Museum. What were they thinking. We followed Ricks advice, went about noon and walked right in.

Roma Pass was invaluable. Eventually we discovered we could actually walk to everything but the Metro is very convenient. Did get hit by a pickpocket on the Metro. Got my husband's cell phone out of his front pant pocket. Be careful.

If you are Catholic, go to mass Saturday evening at the Pantheon at 5:30. No crowd and very special. The priest alternates between English and Italian. It works.

We did all of Ricks walks. They were great. We were able to wander all of the neighborhoods.
Attended the audience with the Pope. Got there about 7:45 am and had great seats. Thanks Rick.

We used all of Ricks audio tour. It really did help in the Sistine Chapel. There were so many people crowded into that small space and with everyone ignoring the constant reminder to be silent it was loosing its specialness. But then we put in our earbuds and listened to Rick. It helped a lot.

Personally, we think the Church of San Giovanni in Laterno should get a 3 triangle rating. It is second only to St. Peters Basilica.

Saw everything on Ricks list and then some. What a great 2 weeks. Now on to Assisi.

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