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Montenegro Trip Report

I am back from a trip from Bosnia in Herzegovina and Montenegro. I posted the BiH portion in their country section as that forum gets minimal traffic. Here's Montenegro:

Montenegro 🇲🇪
After 4 days in Bosnia in Herzegovina I headed to Montenegro via a lengthy bus ride. I'd tried to get a car transfer to no avail. The bus was fine, featuring numerous coffee and cigarette breaks, an easy border crossing and a cow in the road. I was staying in Budva blessedly close to the bus station. Headed to the small old town to see a few churches and walk the walls. The scene outside is even busier and it was not as broiling as I expected so with the sun setting I just put my feet in the water. Went to dinner at a place called Mercur at the bus station, which sounds weird but it was tasty (stuffed peppers), cheap and in a nice garden.

Next morning got in a transfer bus to Kotor for the 'Great Montenegro Tour' with 360 Monte. We hit up the serpentine road, breakfast at a very mountain looking restaurant (they have the same vibe Montana to Montenegro), Mt Lovcen National Park, Centinje where we had a very brief walk around. Then the beautiful horse shoe bend over the Crnojevica River. We had a set lunch on the river then did a nice boat ride and swim. The guide and bus were great, it is a 'you will not be allowed out of sight ' kind of tour and I was missing my Herzegovina tour where we'd get a history lesson then released for an hour at each site.
That night I decided to go right next door to an American themed restaurant Eatzy and got basically Montenegro ravioli that came in the most delicious sauce. Walked the old town and beach front. It is quite a scene down there! Absolutely an Eastern European vacation spot.

I was up early the following day, back on the shuttle to Kotor for another 360 Monte trip to Northern Montenegro. We started with a great view of our Lady of the Rock from above Perast before going up the mountain to a view above the salt lakes. Then breakfast which featured more prosciutto. Our first serious stop was the Tara canyon Bridge which we ziplined over. One of the coolest zips I've ever done and the most comfortable as you sit in a sling thing. Walked the bridge to see the beautiful water below.

Then we were off to Dumitor National Park and the black lake. It was beautiful to walk around and dip feet in. We went to a nearby town for lunch and I got more stuffed peppers. Better selection this time around! Finally we stopped at the Ostrog Monastery, which is really an incredible eyre. I was surprised to see the number of pilgrims who sleep in the open on mats and walk up barefoot. Long day in the car and afterwards I transferred to my hostel in Kotor. I was up for just a quick pizza slice in old town.

The next day my plan was a 9 am boat tour of the bay, then taking a bus to Centinje for a few hours of museums then back to old Town. That was foiled by food poisoning! I blame the cheese cake I got at the end of my mountain trip. I limped to old town, in the rain, and got some medicine. After hours in bed and still unable to keep anything down I limped back, saw the cat museum, went back to the pharmacy where I nearly fainted and was given electrolytes. Those got me a short walk around town and back to the hostel.

Mercifully felt good the next day and had a car transfer to Mostar with 2 others. Magically the car took 3.5 hrs vs 8 in the bus! Got right on a bus to Sarajevo.

In conclusion I would recommend Kotor over Budva. My room in Budva was great (Villa Merci) but the town is not great unless you want a real party vibe. Kotor was more charming. Cash is king, though a few places took cards. I found highways to be nice, but the serpentine road and even more the road to Ostrog Monastery to be one's I was happy not to drive!

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Thank you for posting this. Montenegro sounds fascinating.

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Enjoyed the post and added some of the information to my notes. Montenegro is a place I have always wanted to go to.

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Thanks for specifics and the time frame! It’s on my “soon” list.
And sorry about the food poisoning - but glad it was short lived.