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I am thinking to go to Malta in December but I cant seem to find a message board or a book from RS ? I have a fulltime rental in germany and I am thinking to do a short holiday in Malta since I am near anyways. Thanks for any info on the subject. I should add we have 1 week

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There is no specific board on this forum. I don’t know if there is a RS guidebook for Malta, but there is an excellent one published by Bradt Guides which I can highly recommend.

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We spent nearly 3 weeks there in February 2020 and liked it very much. I agree that the Bradt Guide is excellent. I'd suggest getting a copy (even used) to see what most appeals to you. We enjoyed exploring all of the different areas - Gozo, Mdina, Rabat, Three Cities, Valletta etc.

For a short trip you'll probably want to stay in Valetta but for our longer stay we picked Sliema as a base (Pebbles Boutique Aparthotel) and that worked out well for us. It was near the ferry stop so it was easy to catch the ferry to Valetta and beyond. We used public transportation for our entire trip.

We combined our time in Malta with a stop in Sicily - we always enjoy spending time in Ortygia.

We flew Air Malta - since you're nearby, I think it's worth a stay!

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Thank you for all the great tips. I just now have a little time to look. I am very interested in history and not at all interested in bars, busy towns nightlife lol I did look at the boutique hotel . I rather not rent a car and use public transportation . Is there a day trip to Sicily by speed ferry ? Thank you

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Hi Susanne,

I know that there are ferries between Malta and Sicily but I don't know whether they are seasonal schedule-wise. I don't think that it would be worth a day trip from Malta to Sicily. I'd either concentrate on one or the other - Malta or Sicily.

There are many historical sites in Malta - the Hypogeum, St. John's Co-Cathedral, Fort Saint Elmo, Gozo, and several archeological sites.

Read the reviews for the Pebbles Boutique Hotel to make sure it's what you're looking for - it was perfect for our longer-term stay but know that it's not boutique-ish. It's just a clean and comfortable apartment in a very good location but not posh. If you decide to book there, make sure the you reserve a quiet room on the back side of the property as there are bars and restaurants below that can get noisy.

We enjoyed our time in Malta!

P.S. You may want to post this question in the"Destination Q & A" in the "Beyond Europe" section as more people might see it and respond.

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I believe the ferries from Sicily to Malta depart from a small town in Sicily on the southern coast, not one of the places tourists typically go. Sicily is more than 100 times the size of Malta. It's worth a minimum of two weeks if you have a car and really benefits from a 3-week (or even longer) visit if you are using public transportation. I definitely wouldn't spend the time and money on the ferry (it was by no means cheap when I checked in 2015) for just a day-trip to Sicily.