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Madrid Tips - What the Guidebooks Don't Tell You

Laundry: There is no laundry service from Saturday at 12:00 until Monday in Madrid. Retiro Park Bathroom Sitch: There is one public bathroom (aseos publicos) that we could find. There is a man standing in a glass booth in the middle of the hut separating the men's and women's. The toilet paper hangs by the sink and there is a basket for donations. Sometimes the man opens his little door to chasten wasteful TP consumers...yeah, it's a little weird. Get a beer at one of the many cervecerias in the park and use their WC in comfort and privacy. Bathroom in General: The hand blowers rarely work (or can't be activated by American gestures).
Sometimes there is no toilet paper (no hay papel) even in high class joints like El Prado. Keep a pack of tissues handy.

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Very odd. I was all over Spain, including several days in Madrid, in May and never encountered a non-operational hand dryer or a lack of toilet paper anywhere. On the contrary, I have never seen such clean, well-maintained restrooms anywhere, even in the boonies.