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Madrid Tips - Shopping

I. Shopping in Madrid: Unless you really love shopping as a pass time, I mean REALLY love it, and also find huge crowds stimulate your desire to shop, then skip it. I had big plans to shop in Madrid which all fell by the wayside as soon as I found all my attention was taken up with not getting run over by the meandering, texting, four-abreast gossiping ambulators which fill the streets of the major shopping districts. The only thing we left with were a couple of new shirts for my husband, and some comfortable walking sandals for me from El Corte Ingles. II. Buying Saffron: Buy it from the Duty Free shop at Barajas Airport where you will get a much better price than at the supermarket at El Corte Ingles.
At the supermarket, saffron was about 5 euros for .5 grams, whereas, in the airport, a 5 gram bottle can be procured for about 22 euros.

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