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London & York July 2021

July 2021 UK was barely allowing travelers, who need a COVID testing pre-trip and 3 after, with a quarantine. Tests may cost 190 pounds.

Travel tips: Firstly bring a smart phone and get a SIM card at the airport. Pounds are easily withdrawn, no , from ATM’s all over. No need to get a lot of money from Travelex at the airport. This is to have a UK phone number and use Google maps. UK businesses are heavily card-only, not accepting cash. Bring more than one 'tap' touch card to pay, especially for tube. Almost all venues including museums need to be pre-booked on line for a time slot.
After 7/19 things might open up, but for now There is a trace and test app required for entrance to all venues, (or you can leave name and address at the door). Load the app and scan a QR code at the door.
YORK: Lovely overnighter from London. Study the book carefully, plan and pre-book times. We took the 2 hour train from Kings Cross, walked into town. On the right just into town is the information center. Dropped bags the YOUBAG (tip from Rick), had lunch at the Shambles which is the original Harry Potter “Diagon Ally.” The Volunteer Guides ( tour takes you everywhere on Rick's self guided tour and give a story and history. Free, really. No 'tip' needed. The Alcuin Guest House has nice comfy rooms and full English breakfast. However, it is a long walk from town, dragging a suitcase. Jorvik adventure is a Disneyland like ride through dioramas illustrating Viking life.