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Leather shopping in Florence

I want to recommend a couple of leather shops in Florence. We went to La Pelle which is mentioned in Rick's Florence Tuscany book. It is a small shop and the shopkeepers are wonderful. I bought a gorgeous leather coat which she carefully wrapped and it withstood the next week in my suitcase. She immediately pulled out the right size and the coat was a must have. I don't buy many souvenirs but this was coming home with me. It is the softest leather and very well made. The shopkeepers are wonderful. They also have shoes. I tried on a beautiful pair of boots that fit like a glove but suitcase space was an issue and I went with the coat instead. Definitely worth stopping in and taking a look here.

One of our party was looking for a bag and she recommended the two stores next to her. We stopped in Simone a couple doors down and though we didn't buy anything here their goods are very nice. We actually bought a bag from the next store down from Simone. Unfortunately, I'm drawing a blank as to the name. They only had bags and they were very nice. The shopkeeper was a very funny guy and showed us quite an array of bags.

So, that's my leather shopping experience. Hope this helps!

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Thank you! I will be in Florence in two weeks, and this is just the info I was seeking.