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Lausanne, Switzerland - some quick additions to Rick's book

I'll be writing a full trip report for Switzerland in the future, but I wanted to post these two items now, in case they can help others.

1) Rick mentions the Aperto grocery in Lausanne's train station, with long hours. There's also a Coop Pronto in the station, with the same hours (6 AM to midnight, 7 days a week), a larger and better selection, and lower prices. The catch is, it's harder to find; it's under track 9 and next to the parking garage entrance. You take the underground passageway on the western side of the tracks, the one with ramp access on one side. It cannot be reached via the underground passageway on the eastern side of the tracks (the one with elevator access on one side).

2) Rick says that the Olympic Museum has an escalator up from street level. There's a map at the top showing this too, so I guess it used to be there. But it's gone, and has been replaced by a paved walk (steep). If you have difficulty with the steps (also steep), take the switchback path up. Not only is it easier, but you get to see some great sculptures along the way.

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