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Late September Travel in Spain 2018

Just a quick summary about my recent trip to Spain. My wife and I arrived in Madrid from a direct flight from DFW....that was a long flight with no sleep. I just can't get to sleep in a bad seat. We took the Metro after
loading our Metro card ( borrowed from a friend), easy to do on the machine at the airport. It did ask me for the pin on my credit of the few times this was needed. Cash for the machine is also a option. We also had to buy a supplement because it was needed at terminal 4. After transferring to 2 other trains we arrived near our hotel at station Sol. Going from one train to another route is easy. Maps are very well done and the routes are all in different colors. Just remember the direction is the final stop on each route. Stairs and escalators get you around to where you need to go. Madrid is fun and very busy, with great night life, Museums and tapas. Next we took the AVA train to Cordoba. I booked our tickets in advance at home on Renfe's website...paid with paypal. Cordoba was hot and we spent 2 nights in a AirBnb. Our whole day was a Monday to look around..please note most Museums are closed on Monday. The Mezquita was open but crowded. On to Granada by bus the next day, tickets bought again on line...bus was full. We had a great Hotel in Granada overlooking Plaza Nueva and the Alhambra.
Very busy city and the draw is great food and the Alhambra. We spent 2 nights and then rented a car to drive to Nerja on the coast. The rental was through Enterprise in Spain. When I checked Enterprise in the USA the price was much higher. Easy drive to Nerja on the freeway. Many bridges and tunnels the last 20 km. 4 days at the beach and a quick side trip up the hill to Frigiliana. We stayed at Hostal Dianes in Nerja, nice enough for us. Martina was great. After 4 days we drove to Sevilla. Easy drive on freeways
and we dropped the car off at the airport and took a taxi to our hotel. We stayed in the Bario Santa Cruz neighborhood. What a great town to walk in and to eat. Great food and sights galore for anybody. Downside was seeing way to many walking tours. Upside was seeing Flamenco. Very different than what
we saw in Granada...both were very good. Saw the sights for 3 days and left riding the AVA train back to Madrid. We bought First class tickets for the way back...what a treat, they have area in the station for you to wait , that is private and comfortable. Sorry to say we were in Madrid and ready to board our flight home...............

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Most don't sleep on trans Atlantic flights no matter the seat with all the noise and light and you saw how easy it was to take the metro after a overnight flight