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Lake Bled (Tito's Vila Bled no longer open to public)

I was really disappointed today not to be able to tour the former summer house of the Yugoslav royal family and Marshall Tito. Both the Rick Steves book and the local T.I. say that you can tour it to see the former residence and historical murals, but unfortunately the people at the front desk say, "No!" Only guests are allowed to visit the historical rooms and murals. There is a stern sign at the bottom of the stairs that also says this. The property is owned by the Slovenia government and is managed by a private hotel firm. This new policy has been in effect since 2013 when a new management company took over according to the polite but firm manager.

When I reported back to the T.I. he was surprised to learn this.

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That is a shame. It is an interesting look into a room full of history. But we were there in 2014 and we were allowed in and I have a picture of my husband sitting at Tito's desk. So it has not been closed since 2013.

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What a shame, I am just as surprised to hear this. I am not sure what the manager was referring to, though, as there was no change in management in 2013 - the hotel has been and is still owned and managed by the State Protocol Service.