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La Tour de France Gastronomique

Last year, I was debating between a trip to Italy or France. Having been to France the previous year, I was leaning toward Italy until I read an article in the New York Times describing five notable signature dishes in France. The article said all were available in Paris but to have the authentically prepared ones with ingredients from the terroir, you must go to the regions where they were created. So I planned my tour.

I don't know why I haven't shared this before but I wrote my first ever blog on tumblr describing the trip. Here's the link to Le Tour de France Gastronomique. From changing airline seats at last minute (those four across row are like a bed) to being locked in a hotel at 5 AM trying to get to the TGV, as well as the food experiences, I hope you enjoy it. Please realize that the latest entry in the blog is the first one you see so to read it chronologically, you've got to start at the first page - which is the last page.

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