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Keukenof 2019

Hi all
I went to Keukenof today. Great visit after 5 pm. I took some photos and have posted on Instagram for you to inspire you: feel free to ask questions. I also went Leiden from there nice town.

Jazz Travels
P.S. I bought an all day Netherlands travel card good on trains (IC trains cost 1 .40 euro supplement) trams and buses for 41 euros. That got me from Amsterdam to Rotterdam to Leiden to Keukenof and back to Amsterdam.
I am off to Switzerland on Easy Jet this morning.

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Oh Thank You!!
I’m going to be at Keukenof next week, and was wondering what it would look like this late in the season. Still gorgeous I see. Thank you for sharing!

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I’m going to be staying in Leiden as well. I’ve not been there before as I stayed in Amsterdam last time. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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Wow, that's beautiful! Many creative displays of the tulips. I've always loved tulips but always get sad when they lose their heads (which seems pretty quickly)
(Out of curiosity, have you seen the many tulips in Istanbul in Spring?)

Post some photos from Leiden, I'd like to see what it looks like.

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To tell you the truth Leiden looked much like Utrecht, and parts of Amsterdam. Nothing there really stood out to me except the windmill.
I have not made to Istanbul yet.

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That link works great! Thanks for changing it from your previous one.

Your pictures are outstanding. I was there in mid-April and it's looking just as pretty! I loved the way they used colors and textures with even just the beds of tulips.

Thanks for posting!

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Love the pictures! I WILL make it there someday during tulip time!

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Lovely pictures - thank you! They give a great sense of how the tulips fit into the landscape.

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So even this late in the season, Keukenhof is still lovely. Yes, many of the tulips had already bloomed but there were so many still in bloom. And the azaleas and rhodies were stunning! What an amazing place to spend a few hours and work off jet lag!