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Just returned from Belize

Here's a quick report on our first post-Covid international trip.

On May 8, we flew non-stop from Denver on United Airlines to Belize City, then flew to the tiny island of Caye Caulker just offshore. We returned May 15.

Vaccinated Americans are allowed to enter Belize with no quarantine; we only showed our vaccination cards once, when checking in at Denver. To return to the US, we needed a negative Covid test within 72 hours. There were several places on the island to get rapid tests. It cost $75 US per person (they accepted credit cards) and we had the results within 5 minutes. We only showed this report once, when checking in at the Caye Caulker airport.

Masks were required on the airplanes and also full time in Belize, except when actively eating or drinking, or when in the water. Caye Caulker policemen patrolled regularly, in golf carts. The fine for being caught without a mask is $250 US! So they take this very seriously.

Most hotels, restaurants and shops were open and there were a moderate number of tourists.

A hotel tip for anyone thinking of visiting Caye Caulker: This was our fifth trip, and we've stayed in various places on the island. This time we went back to Caye Caulker Condos, near the north end of the island (an area called The Split). On our last visit (2013) this was a lovely quiet, peaceful place with a huge rooftop for lounging or reading. No more! A large overwater bar called Sip 'n Dip has been built just across the street and they play loud, pounding music all day on weekends, and from afternoon to early evening on weekdays. If you're seeking peace and quiet, I would stay more toward the middle of the island, or the south end.

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Thanks, Charlene! Your summary of the step by step process to fly into Belize and back to US was informative and didn’t sound too difficult! I’m sorry about the new venue but I suppose that happens from time to time to our “special” places. I know you enjoyed your getaway and hope to hear all about it at Panera next month!

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In 1981, my then wife and I chartered a bareboat out of Belize City and worked our way down to Placentia and back. We lived on lobster scooped from the bottom and fish that jumped onto our hooks (baited by lobster). Kids in dugouts would come out to barter fish for chicken. Local fisherman had dynamite ganga for next to nothing. We met British pilots in bars who flew the jump jets hidden in the jungle and watched from a veranda as planes landed on and took off from unmarked strips carrying who know what. I always dreamt of getting back there. But "there" probably isn't there anymore anyway

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Thanks for the report. It is helpful to know how the COVID-19 testing process worked.

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So you needed to wear a mask even outside? That's not a holiday I'd pay for.

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Yes, masks were required outside except when eating, drinking or in the water — or on your balcony/patio.. We weren’t aware of how strict they would be but it’s such a tiny island (about 1000 residents, with limited health care options) that it’s easy to see the need to protect its citizens.

We found that wearing a mask was a small price to pay for a week in paradise after a year of involuntary confinement at home!

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Charlene, thanks for your report. Sorry to hear about covid restrictions, but it seems like you had a good trip.