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Just back: 9 days Sorrento, 5 days Rome (part 3)

Mt. Vesuvius: when we exited the train at Pompeii, we joined a crowd of people milling about and looking unsuccessfully for the EAVBUS (I'm sure it was there somewhere) and ended up on Busvia del Vesuvio (tickets available outside the station). No problem with this, but the "cross between a shuttle bus and a monster truck" is kind of pointless. First you ride on a regular bus before transfering. Trucks go quickly up the mountainside on a bumpy road: to fast to see much on a narrow forest road. The 1 1/2 hours on the top was adequate but somewhat rushed. Not a bad way to get there, but don't expect an "adventure" on the trucks.
Amalfi and Positano: after hearing horror stories about people standing for over 3 hours on the bus on the coastal road, we decided to take the boat to Amalfi and hit Positano on the way back. Made for a pleasant day. We took RS's advice and went to the paper museum in Amalfi and it was fun. Definately consider the boat instead of the bus.

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We also just returned from the Naples area. We took the ferry from Naples to Sorrento and splurged on a taxi from Sorrento to Amalfi. It was 125 euro, but was worth it. The driver was great! He was funny and talked the whole time about the area, his family and living in Italy. We could have rented his car for the whole day and he would return us to Naples for 300 euro, but we took the ferry from Amalfi back to Naples. The views were awesome. If I was to do it again, I would go to Positano instead of all the way to Amalfi. It would have only been about 75 euro and been just as good. PS - We had planned on taking the public bus, but were glad we did not. It would have taking all the day just standing in line. Dirk

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Dirk, thanks for the tip about the ferry rides. I too am taking the ferry upon arrival in Naples from Rome. I will get off at Sorrento. Just thought that it would be nice to mix up my transportation options while visiting the area. You confirmed for me that it is a good idea to use the boats/ferries. Linda

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Hello Allen, We are 'sandwiching' a four night/five day trip to Sorrento/Amalfi coast between a stay in Rome (4 day than 5 days) to get a break from the gritty big city. The dates are November 15th through November 19th where I hear there are NO ferries other than those between Sorrento/Capri, Capri/Naples, and Sorrent/Naples. I'm hoping the off-season will be "off" enough that we won't be waiting forever for a bus to take us down to Amalfi. Also where did all of you stay?

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We stayed at the Hotel Plaza, a 4 star hotel, a block from the main square and just a 5 minute walk to the Circumvesuviana. Nice place, decorated in Euro contemporary modern. Great breakfast ion. There are two levels of rooms: we are in the higher level, on the 5th floor (top floor for rooms) that had a wonderful view of the Bay of Naples and Mt. Vesuvius. The Amalfi Coast w/o the crowds...I'm jealous. From what I heard, buses should be no problem.