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Just back: 9 days Sorrento, 5 days Rome (part 2)

Circumvesuviana; many people have commented on this train and its safety. I was born and grew up in NYC and have a NYC wariness and awareness. We rode the train constantly and never saw one problem or potential problem. Lots of panhandling musicians though. If you are wary, ride in the first car with the motorman and conductor. That being said, the train is right out of 1970s NYC: covered with graffiti, old, hot, and often crowded. Although the trains run every half hour, for some reason there is no 10 AM train from Sorrento, making the 10:30 train exceedingly crowded.
Pompeii and Herculaneum: As advertised, Pompeii in huge and crowded (but a can't miss site). There is sometimes a 20 minute line for tickets so if you can get your tickets elsewhere, perhaps going to Herculaneum first (combo tickets good for three days), you will save some time. Herculaneum was wonderful: few people, smaller and more easily managed timewise, and much better preserved.

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