Jazz in Havana (InsightCuba) Part 2

If you decide to go to Havana, I would highly recommend frequenting La Zorra y el Cuervo jazz club for their nightly jazz performance every opportunity you can. The performance is done by a different top notch act each night of the week and includes frequent guest appearances by some of the best musicians in Havana. A schedule can be obtained at the club or through word of mouth in Havana. The guides took advantage of what little extras time we had during the day by adding in several extra activities that were very well received. The extras were based on group feedback and suggestions and did not result in any charges to tour members. Below is a summary what our tour did on the last day - Sunday March 17th, 2013: • Huge breakfast buffet at the hotel • Checked out of the hotel • Interacted with local musicians at the Jazz Café and were provided with a drink and snacks. This last over an hour and included a private performance • Next we had a surprise extra when we stopped by the Plaza de la Revolucion and learned more in-depth about the history and events that influenced and led to the revolution which toppled Batista. • A visit to the Cuatro Caminos Food Co-op (food market) brought back fond memories of growing up. The vendors were very memorable. • Lunch was at El Aljibe which has the best chicken and secret sauce along with black beans and rice in Cuba. I stuffed myself.
• Check-in at the airport for our departure flight to Miami. This should be considered a sample as each itinerary is specialized.

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It's an absolute shame that something wasn't done about this country 90 miles from the U.S. Their best and the brightest ended up in Miami, Orlando and Atlanta, but Cuban-Americans remain in close contact with relatives that never made it out. Our relative had a palatial mansion on the Isle of Pine, which is in the Bay of Pigs. It was taken from the family. The money to completely rebuild Cuba is available as soon as the political situation changes.
I will visit the country as soon as Arturo Sandoval is booked for a one year run in a casino.