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Italy - Naples/Circumvesuviana train seems better

Your "Naples and the Amalfi Coast" book was very helpful on our trip, which covered both Northern and Southern Italy, from which we just returned. However, I must admit, via your book and every other travel material that covered it, I was a bit freaked out about the Naples train station (coming from Verona) and getting on the Circumvesuviana train to Sorrento, in terms of petty crime. However, it seemed fine and we had no problem, going on it or returning. The Naples station was clean and we didn't notice any vagrants or scams going on (being from New York City, we're pretty used to that). We were careful anyhow, wearing money belts under our clothes, not flashing jewelry, having only one carry-on suitcase, etc. and kept alert around us. What we did notice was a lot of police walking around and sizing people up. I had a feeling it's been cleaned up because it's had such a notorious reputation. So, a great relief, FYI.

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