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Italian Tax Code to pay a traffic violation

We went to Italy last Fall and received a traffic violation because we were in a lane dedicated for public transport. It is from the Police in Verona. I've tried to pay online but it said my tax code was incorrect. I had to register for one and typed it in exactly. Site says its no good. They will not take a bank check, and I tried to wire money from my bank (small local bank). My bank manager showed me the form but there needs to be a bank listed in US linked with the bank in Italy on the form. My bank does not provide this and I will try to reach out to bigger banks later this week.
The other question I have has anyone used Transferwise to pay? It's cheaper than a local bank but reviews are mixed. Or another wire service? This is so frustrating and it's our 2nd notice from them. We love Italy and want to just pay the darn thing. Thank you in advance!

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I have not used transferwise because I haven’t needed to. They do seem to have a good reputation for low cost international transfers from forum posts. FWIW, I’m a member at Stanford Federal Credit Union. They have partnered with transferwise for international transfers.

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I have not used Transferwise, but all comments about it that I have seen here have been positive

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I haven't used Transferwise for that purpose, but I have used and will continue to use Transferwise to move money internationally.

I have never had any sort of a problem with them whatsoever. Good rates too. I've moved both quite large and quite small amounts, always good service.

What do your negative reviews complain of?

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I have not used Transferwise for the purpose you described, but did use it last year to transfer funds to the apartment manager where we stayed in Budapest. I discussed it with my banker and showed her the US bank where it was being transferred to. She was familiar with Transferwise and reported it was a reputable company. Others on this forum had recommended them as well. I would use them again.

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Some online Codice Fiscale calculators do not give you the complete number. This one does.After entering your first and last names, click on the greyish ‘Se sei nato all’estero‘ box. Scroll down to Stati Uniti d’America. Enter your date of birth - day, month, year. Then choose your sex and click Calcola.

Check to see how this number compares to the number you have unsuccessfully tried. If different, use this one.

I have used TransferWise numerous times for travel and for making purchases from abroad. I have never had any problem using the service. Pricing and efficiency can’t be beat. And if your payment has not been completed, you still can cancel it.