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Italian Hill Towns Part 2

Highlight Towns: Colle Val d'Elsa, Monteriggioni (can walk on along the walls of the medieval fortress and great local stores), Volterra (huge Roman amphitheater newly unearthed), San Gimignano (arrive in town by 9-10am and beat the tour busses that arrive around 11especially for the fountain), and Radicondoli of course! Rent Cars: We had two small Hyundai automatics from Hertz at the airport...just note Taxes and fees can double the cost of the car rentalits well worth it, but avoid invoice shock when you turn it in. We also popped for the Garmin from Hertz and it was really good, but it also got disoriented so we ended up using my Ipad and Iphone which were much better at navigating the smallest of small roads in the Chianti Classico region...the international data plan is worth it$60.00 for 30MB, and over three weeks, I bought two them, but in the long run, cheaper than the Garminand if you have Siri, she'll talk to you. Radicondoli: Its itty bitty in comparison to Volterra (which is small too) but had a butcher, two shops, three great restauarants, a market midweek, a soccer team, and was perfect for peace and quiet and touring. Winery: Fattoria Casa Sola Ciao!

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