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I just returned from spending 10 days in Ischia. My friend and I rented an airB&B apartment close to the beach and within walking distance to the port. We walked and took taxis to get around. There is also a bus that circles the island regularly. The weather was hot, but we had air conditioning in our apartment. I would say that the crowds were tolerable. Interestingly, very few Americans were encountered. Lots of Europeans..
We went to several different beaches, rented chairs and umbrella, and just hung out.
Drank a lot of spritzes and ate excessive amounts of gelato.
We loved the beaches..very clear water, very refreshing.
This part of Italy, seemed to us, more real I guess. The food was fantastic..lots of fish offerings as well as the classics. Bought some delicious wine at the grocer for 5-6euro.
We spent one afternoon at the Negombo thermal spa.. sitting under a waterfall of hot mineral water, massaging your neck and shoulders.. very nice
Another day we went to another spa called Poseidon. Lovely place, with own beach.
Ate cold watermelon chunks at the cafe..
We took a day trip to the neighboring island of Procida.. found a nice beach and just sat.
On our last night we ferried to Naples in order to have time for our flight home. The taxi ride to the hotel was exciting. Had a good laugh later.
Found a nice hotel in the center of chaos that is Naples, called Constantinople 104.
The taxi dropped us at the address. We walked around a while before we found the gated entrance. Walked down an alley unsure where we were.. suddenly the entrance was before us and inside was a nice oasis. Turned out to be a good choice.
Thankful that we made our tight connections to and from. Some delays, but basically smoothe. For some reason, we were upgraded to Premium on flight home. A first!
Fell in love with Ischia!

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Thanks for posting, we have been considering Ischia, so nice to hear about it.

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Thanks for the post! We will be in Ischia in a week and your report is just getting us more excited!

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Hi Linda, thanks for the great post! Would you share your airb&b info.? My husband and I are planning a trip to Ischia.
Thank you, Deb

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Sure Deb..
The name of the apartment is Un Angola di Mare.. I couldn’t fine a reference number on the site. The host is lovely and speaks English.
Happy to answer any questions..

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I remember going to Ischia as a college student in 2002. Had a wonderful time sleeping on the beach, lol. I remember most of the foreign tourists being German, there was often German on the menus instead of English! Took us by surprise. It was a beautiful out of the way paradise.