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Ireland>London>Paris>Bruges>Amsterdam>Iceland. Part 5 Amsterdam

Amsterdam- Arrived by Thalys in the evening, after switching in Brussels. As this high-speed train had come directly from Paris, there were people sitting in our reserved seats when we got on, plus the train was full except for scattered singles. One middle-aged woman, in the group of four sitting in our seats, spoke to me in English about the situation, but then ignored me and went back to talking to her friends in Dutch. I saw the conductor then enter the car, so I let him take care of it. No need to get upset when on vacation/holiday. We stayed two nights in an Airbnb close to Westerpark, which is a nice place for a stroll. Our hosts were great, and the rooms were very clean and modern, plus this location is good for transit- bus and tram. Amsterdam is extremely busy in the summer, but in an ultra-organized fashion that is both calming and impressive, for its scale. We didn’t pre-book the Ann Frank House, but really enjoyed The Resistance Museum (Verzetsmuseum) instead. We took Dutch Rail direct from the main station to Schiphol airport, and the train car had the most comfortable thick seat cushion I’ve ever experienced in any form of transportation. If only planes could do the same, people might be happy flying again!

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