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IPad Theft In Venice

I just spent a while helping someone understand what to do after his iPad was stolen today in Venice. Travel Tip: Do you know / have a list of all the passwords you would need to change and the instructions for how to change them? He was able to do everything from his iPhone relatively quickly but had to call his company's tech support to change a couple email account passwords.

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How was the IPad stolen? I'll be there with my iPad in October

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Would it have helped if he'd had the ipad "locked" so that he'd have to type in a code every time he went to use it? It might be inconvenient, but not as much as having to change a whole bunch of passwords. I leave for Europe tomorow and have my initial screen locked and also have my passwords locked. Two different passwords.

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The iPad was lifted from his bag on a crowded vaporetto. The iPad was locked with the standard screen lock embedded in the iOS that all iPhones and iPads have. People who steal such devices are generally not interested in the data that's on them. They use tools to wipe the disk, then resell the device or use it for criminal activities. However, there is password-cracking software out there that could be used to access the data on your device. As an important precautionary measure against identity theft - because you don't know who took the device or what their intentions are - it's important to change all one's passwords and put alerts on bank accounts, credit cards, etc., if the device has been used for online banking, etc. In trying to help my friend, I discussed the situation at length, in detail, with the cybersecurity professionals at my company.