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In Italy Now

Hello All,
Just a quick shout out to those contemplating travel to Italy in the near future….
We arrived on Sept 3rd, flying ATL to Florence with connection in Paris on KLM/Delta
We had proof of vaccination, a negative Covid test, and a passenger locator form.
None of these documents were asked for.
We spent 10 days in Florence.
All museums asked for our vaccination card
Most people wore masks
All shops require masks, all had hand sanitizer at the door
There were long lines for museums so advance tickets are a good idea.
Early morning visits are most likely less crowded
Went to Siena, seemed crowded. Long lines at Duomo
We are now in Santa Margherita Liguria.
Leaving tomorrow to fly home..
Probably last trip to Italy, due to age and aching feet, but Italy has never disappointed me.
Happy Travels!!

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Thank you, Linda. We continue to have our spirits buoyed by reports from people "on the ground."

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Thank you very much, Linda. We’re leaving for Italy a week from today. Interesting that no one asked to see the vaccination/test results/PLF documentation. Maybe if you have it, you won’t need to show it, but if you don’t have the documentation… that’s when someone will demand to see it. It’s great that you were prepared.

If this was truly your last trip there, I’m glad you could go now, even with long lines and extra precautions. hope you get relief for your feet, either way.

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So glad you got to experience Italy again! We were there in August and still miss it!

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I forgot to mention that before leaving Florence, we got our Covid test in a tent set up by the Red Cross near the SMN train station. We arrived around 8:00 am. The line wasn’t too long, the whole process took about 1 hour. They will give you a paper document or download results to your phone.

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Did you have to show your vaccination card and photo ID to enter bars and restaurants?

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Yes, we had to show our cdc cards and ID in most restaurants. Some didn’t ask us. Also trains require your proof.

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I did notice that our plane boarding passes had a note that said Documents OK. Maybe filling out the paperwork on the KLM site was sufficient since the agents didn’t ask to see anything except our passports.