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I'm back from an amazing solo trip: 6 countries in 3.5 weeks

I had an amazing time on my 1st trip to Europe!

The only thing I would change would be 3 nights in Salzburg and 1 night Hallstatt.

Aug 28th - Sept 20th
Paris 5 nights
Gimmelwald Switzerland 3 nights
Fussen 3 nights
Salzburg 2 nights
Hallstatt 2 nights
Bled Slovenia 3 nights
Venice 4 nights

I only took public transportation. The only really long day was from Gimmelwald to Fussen. But it was doable.
I really enjoyed going from country to country too.

Paris - was my least favorite place. Not sure why tho. It was beautiful. On the first day a lady tired to pick pocket me. She managed to unzip my bag, but I was ready for her. Beware they are everywhere! I stayed at Champs de Mars. Great room, price and location. My favorite activity was taking a free walking tour:
WARNING: If you take the metro from the airport, keep your ticket. haha I had no trouble figuring out how it buy a ticket, get the right train, and I even got off at the right station BUT I needed my ticket to get OUT of the station. After about 15 minutes (no one was there to ask for help) I found a ticket that worked. Not all station are like that but a few required a ticket to exit! :)

Gimmelwald - Was so pretty. but it was very expensive. I paid 20 CHF for a plate of lasagna at the youth hostel. I highly recommend staying the Ester's Guesthouse. I hiked from Gimmelwald all the way to the Schilthorn – 007 James Bond restaurant and back down to Gimmelwald. It took me over 12 hours. It was an amazing hike, one I will never forgot! PS: the hike down was harder then up!

Fussen- This was the perfect town. Not too small but not too big. I walked to the Neuschwanstein castle. Lovely walk passed 2 lakes. I was very lucky to be there during their yearly renaissance festivals. I stayed at my first hostel here. The old Kings hostel. Love it! Thanks Chisiti! You were right, I loved Fussen. Thank you!

Salzburg - was amazing. 2 nights wasn't enough here. I highly recommend a bike tour:
I stayed at St. Sebastian Institution: prefect place!

Hallstatt - Was cute and charming. I had a balcony with a lake view at Gasthof Simony and it was right in the center of town. I enjoyed the salt mine. I hiked down after. it was an easy hike with great views.

Lake Bled - WOW it's a wonderful town not only the lake but the gorge is the most beautiful place! I enjoyed a day of white river rafting too! I can't wait to see more of Slovenia. Some on here said Lake Bled wasn't worth it and it was hard to get too. Wrong! it was easy. One train from Salzburg to Bled. Lake bled was so worth it too.

Venice - Okay Venice won me over. It is my absolute favorite place! I stayed at a nice B&B called Hotel Casa Boccassini. I wish I had scheduled a walking tour before I went. They were all booked. But I'll be back.

I hope my links to YouTube works if not I'm at Walk With Carrie.

If you have any questions I'll try to answer them. I hope you all have wonderful trips too!

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great report. Very easy to read. Awesome that you got to go by yourself. I have a wonderful husband but I like solo travel too and I am going to Europe by myself next summer for my 30th birthday!

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Thanks for your report. It sounds like you did your research and it paid off in the form of a great first European trip!

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Thanks for the report. I took a look at your youtube from Hallstatt. What a beautiful town. I love the mountain and the weather. I also took a look at Maria's bike tours Facebook page, lots of photos. . Great way to see how unpredictable September weather can be. One day people were wearing coats, the next day short sleeves!!

Paris was also my least favorite place. I loved the Louvre. Notre Dame, not so much. I did not enjoy the circus like crowd inside, no peace anywhere. There are beautiful cathedrals all over France, Bourges is a good example.

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Thanks sanderskn. I'm glad it was easy to read! I'm not a great writer. Your husband must be wonderful to understand your wanting to travel solo. Must people don't understand. It was awesome going alone. I'm going solo again next year too.

Therese, I'm glad you enjoyed the video. I guess the weather has been a lot cooler this year. I got very lucky, only rained a few times.

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Great trip report - thanks for sharing! And p.s. - I think you're a really good writer!! :)

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Thanks Carrie: Your videos made it seem like I was there! The walk thru the river gorge made me think of "Lord of the Rings". Where do you plan to travel next?

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Nice trip report.....sounds like a fabulous trip. I also love Salzburg and now you know to go back. The Xmas market there is also great.
I felt the same way about Paris my first trip. I think there is so much hype and everyone thinks they are going to love it. I never needed to go back, however, due to traveling with others who wanted to go I have returned about6 or 7 times and have slowly gotten to know the city beyond the iconic tourist sites, and now have to say I love it...
So...where is your next trip?
I often travel alone and it can be an amazing experience...

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Thanks a lot for such a comprehensive report.

Just one question - about that €20 lasagna at the Gimmelwald Hostel. In Switzerland the currency is the Swiss Frank. Did you mean CHF20, or were you converting into Euro and the conversion yielded about €20 from around CHF24?

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OMG! Thanks Dawn. It feels great to hear I can write!

I’m planning my next solo European Adventure for July 2015 hopefully for 4.5 weeks this time. I have also decided that I enjoyed staying in mix dorm hostels so much that my next trip will be all dorm rooms. I’m having a hard time deciding where to go! Have any of you used Pinterest? I just started. It’s awesome you can pin places that look interesting. I added a map, so all the places I’m thinking of going is mapped out with pictures and links to their websites.

I really want to visit Croatia. My son Mike might meet me in Rome the last week of my trip. This is my first draft:

Germany (A small town? on the way to Prague)
Vienna (OR a small town between Prague and Budapest)
Plitvička Jezera National Park, Croatia
Krka National Park, Croatia
Sorrento, Italy
Rome, Italy

I like smaller towns vs big cities. I’m a little worried this draft has too many big cities.

I was so thinking of maybe doing more Eastern Europe:

Plitvička Jezera National Park, Croatia
Krka National Park, Croatia
Sorrento, Italy
Rome, Italy

If my son cannot make it then I'll take out Italy and maybe add Greece.

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CHF 20 is not expensive for a plate of Lasagne at a tourist location in Switzerland.
For better or worse, that's the way it is.