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Howe Keld, B&B, Lake District, UK

I just wanted to let Rick and his company know that Howe Keld in Keswick, UK, was as wonderful as you said it would be. They helped me so much while I was there, especially after I fell and broke my ankle while hiking. Yes, it was just an unfortunate accident, but David and Valerie went above and beyond to help me. David personally drove me to the health clinic, then came to pick me up later. He also went and got me some food, and helped me with alot of arrangements I had to make after that. It was too bad that this happened, but I think I was in the best place if something like this was going to happen. By the way, I was right in the middle of a 2 week trip to England when I fell. Everything had been going wonderfully before that, but after I fell, I decided not to give up on my trip. I had to make alot of changes to my plans, like instead of hiking any more, I decided to go on to London and go see some theatre. So I was very proud of myself that I didn't let an accident ruin my trip. Thank you so much for your books, your radio show (I podcast it every week), and your tv show. I really enjoy them so much. I am going to keep on travelling! Marie Christensen

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Marie, That's a great story, and congratulations, but be aware that this helpline is just a group of fellow travelers. Rick Steves and his team don't frequent the Helpline. If you want to tell them your feedback you can use the Contact Us button on the website.