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How can you find a tour guide in Romania?

Romania – Exquisite beauty, thrilling adventures, fascinating history

Last year Rick Steves recommended tour guides for Romania as he does not yet have tours here. We took his suggestion and contracted with Daniel Gheorghita of Covinnus Travel and could not have been more satisfied. Thanks Rick for the suggestion.

Whether one is interested in culture, history, legends, art, religion, architecture, photography, natural beauty or hiking opportunities, Daniel Gheorghita of Covinnus Travel is your answer. Enjoy an incredibly beautiful country filled with varied cultural contrasts. The countryside is breathtaking, larger cities interesting, small villages colorful and charming, and the mountain passes spectacular. Learn the legend and truth of Dracula. Appreciate how the Romanians survived over forty years of communist control and how Romans, Turks, Germans, and Hungarians have influenced the uniqueness of Romania today.

All over the countryside you will encounter horse-drawn hay wagons, picturesque haystacks of all shapes, people sitting on benches chatting amongst their neighbors. In the northern region of Maramures people still wear traditional clothing and practice time honored ways of life. A visit to a gypsy village is a colorful and enlightening experience. Along with a guide, one can personally visit family members.

Our group of four opted for a 9-day full circle Romanian tour including Bucharest, Transylvania, Moldova, and the peasant culture of Maramures. Our special requests were the 7-Stairs Canyon hike on Big Stone Mountain and a drive on the amazing Transfagarasan Highway. Daniel took videos of both of those extraordinary adventures for us.

We found Daniel to be informative, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, accommodating, humorous, and patient with questions. He provided a nice mix of information and quiet time. Covinnus Travel was often able to maneuver around large tour groups or crowds to provide intimate and personal experiences. Along the way, when someone had a special interest, Daniel was sure to make it happen,.

An excellent map of Romania and detailed written information for each day’s adventures was provided. Accommodations were chosen to specifically enhance the experience of the culture in each area. They were comfortable and perfectly located for free-time explorations and dining experiences. Breakfasts were always included, and wonderful restaurants were recommended for other meals. Romanian food is delicious with varied selections at unbelievably reasonable prices.

Covinnus Travel is always striving to improve the traveler’s experience and welcomes their input. They are known to cater to Americans who they find friendly, open and curious. Go soon before the secret is out and the country is inundated with typical tourists.

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I read about Covinnus Travel many years ago, and kept the contact info for a fantastic guide associated with them. He takes you in his personal car up into the mountains where he was raised, and gives an authentic Romanian travel experience for a week or so. He's supposed to be relatively inexpensive too.

Pavlina Docheva
Easy Bulgaria Travel Ltd
1407 Sofia
Lozenets, 15 Golo Bardo str.
Tel. 00359 2 967 0260
Mob. 00359 878 956 414

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David, I don't know how Pavlina got mixed on a Romanian recommendation but I met her nearly 10 years ago and have used her for two long trips through Bulgaria; and we love her. We will be back to Bulgaria soon, just to visit her.

I have also used Daniel. Drove from the heart of Romania to Budapest with him after a 5 day tour in Romania. Wonderful guy. Brought him from the states what I think was his first SLR camera. Terrific photographer. I think National Geographic has published some of his work and I once saw him on a television travel show; so life is apparently good for Daniel.

Travel is about different things for different people. For us its all about the people you meet along the way and these two are among the most memorable.