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How are fires/heatwave affecting European travel?

Wondering if anyone's there now who could offer advice on whether to keep or postpone our upcoming (within the week!) travel plans? (The Netherlands, Germany and France were on our itinerary) I've been "near" wildfires before, and am wondering whether it might be wise to wait for better air quality, since we mostly planned to be outdoors... Plus - I'm wonder about the infrastructre that could be affected, between the heatwaves, and the fires (not to mention all the other things vying for attention....) What's next - locusts?!?

Any thoughts/input welcome!! Thanks, Travelers!

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There are no wildfires in the Netherlands and the heatwave consisted of only 2 days of high temperatures. Infrastructure in the Netherlands is not impacted. The same goes for vast majorities of France and Germany. If you want specific advice about these 2 countries it would help if you state where exactly you plan to travel to.

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Whereabouts in France are you travelling. I wouldn’t recommend Arcachon on the west coast at the moment. If your trip is Paris, then the fires will have no impact.

The excessive heatwave has passed.

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Wildfires are not a problem in Germany and the weather has just turned pleasant a day ago with a welcome rain storm.

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I was wondering about Greece- my son will be in Athens, Nafplio, Delphi and Naxos in 2 weeks.

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As a general rule, I'd ignore media reports of disasters. They are generally sensationalized beyond recognition.