Hotels in Siena - Tuscany

It's not a question, just a suggestion. I've been in Siena (Tuscany) many times in my life and I've always choosen different accommodations. I've never been in the same hotel because nowhere I could feel like home. My last vacation (at the beginning of March) was completely different, since I experienced exactly the opposite. I stayed at the Hotel Garden, in the north part of the city, for 5 days before driving to Florence and Lucca and the most appropriate definitions for this place would be "friendly", "comfortable", "relaxing". First of all, the staff is absolutely kind and always at your disposal for any need and request. Furthermore, it doesn't matter what happens: they smile! That's what people on holiday want to see! Secondly, the location is simply strategic. Only 20 minutes walking from the old city and at the same time sorrounded by a huge garden which allows you to forget you are nearly in the middle of the town.
What else? For me it's enough: I already know when I will sleep during my next trip to Siena and I really hope someone else is going to feel my same feelings! XXX

Posted by donna
roswell, ga, usa
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Adele! Please give a link to a website or contact info! Also, if you would also post this on the Graffiti wall under "Heroic BnB" thread, again with a link to a website/contact. This was so lovely to read!

Posted by Eileen
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We stayed at Hotel Garden 15 years ago on our first European adventure. We paid dearly for the A/C after one night in a great Sienese hotel that had NO air flow...during a heat wave :-( We went to a hotel-finding booth and handed them a credit card ;-) It was so nice - the restaurant was good, the rooms and grounds were really pretty, and the A/C kept a-blowin'. We usually took the bus into town (bus stop at the hotel), but did walk a time or two. Sadly, the last time I looked at their website (~1 1/2 years ago), the price structure was waaaay out of our league. Still, it looked really nice and was still receiving good reviews.

Posted by Adele
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Dear Donna and dear all, I found their website, that is You can find pictures, special offers and contacts there. During my first experience I didn't sleep in the main old Villa (the most charming part of the hotel) since I only booked a standard room... The result has been a surprise: I discovered they recently restored many rooms so, that my accommodation was completely comfortable and really nice.
Well, Siena is worth a visit anyway. Holtel Garden, accordingly to my personal experience, could be a very good option to consider.

Posted by Stephanie
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I have not been to the Hotel Garden but did recently stay at the Hotel Santa Caterina just outside the city wall. It was a wonderful experience. The views from the terrace are fantastic. The staff went out of their way to help you. Ask for a room with a view. I would definitely return there.