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Horseback riding: Argyll Adventure near Inveraray

Horseback riding for a reasonable price -- yay! I hadn't been on a horse in 25 years so decided to take advantage of their 20-minute "pony ride" which was actually 30 minutes on a horse. I visited ahead of time to see whether the horses appear well cared for (they do) and whether the place seems well run (it does). They provide a helmet and fit it to you properly, also adjust the stirrups and generally guide you in what to do. And take your picture with your camera if you ask them to.

You can take a 1-hour group ride which goes along the shore of Loch Fyne, or the 20-min "pony ride," for a shorter distance on the same lochside trail, in which a groom walks the horse with you in the saddle. I was glad to have the groom as she was fun to talk to -- a young woman who had grown up in Oban -- and at one point my horse got spooked by a passing group of dogs and started bucking to the point where the groom even had to momentarily let go of the lead. It was a bit frightening but luckily my long-ago riding training took over and I was able to keep my seat.

They also have paintball and I think some other kids activities. However, their leaflet says they have a swimming pool and this apparently is out of commission, at least temporarily.

Location is about 5-10 miles south of Inverarary on the Loch Fyne route towards Furnace. If you get to Auchindrain Highland Township, you've gone too far.

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