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Honeymoon plans from july 11th to 22nd july 2012

guys I am planning my trip from dallas tx - paris-switzerland-florence or venice- cinque terre- rome- back to dallas.
Please guide me I am confused between florence or venice- which one to pick. Also Cinque terre is a good option or not. Please let me know I have a budget of $7000 to $8000. I can cut one or two places. My main goal is to see two to three best places and not all. till now my top priority is paris.

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Assuming you have a total of 12 days including your flights from and to Dallas, you will have a total of 10 full days on the ground. Within thoses 10 days you will take up a couple traveling to each area, checking into hotels etc. You are right on when you say you want to see two or three of the best for that time frame. More than that and you will be very rushed in my opinion. The "best places" are based on your interests. If your priority is Paris, you should spend at least three days there. I would eliminate Cinque Terra as it is out of the way of the other places mentioned. I would go to either Florence or Venice depending upon your interest in art museums. Florence is mostly museums and the Duomo. Venice is so unique and romantic it should not be missed. Then of course Rome would be on my best list. Swizerland is beautiful and you will be traveling through if you take the train, but I would not stop on this trip. I would split my time between Paris, Florence or Venice, and Rome. Your budget should allow you to stay and dine in nice places. You should make reservations ASAP. You may have trouble getting into your favorite picks as this is the height of the season.
Have a wonderful honeymoon.

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Thank so much. I would definately consider your suggestion.I will be flying from dallas tx- USA. Can you recommend a genuine travel agents for flights, hotels ,transfers such as euro rail, internal flights. Thanks Puneet

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Puneet, you might get more responses if you post your question in the To the Boot section instead of Trip Reports.