Hired a great driver in Ireland

We highly recommend Tony McGann (previous co-owner of the famous McGann Pub in Doolin) if you want a driver to take you around Ireland (instead of renting a car and driving yourself). Tony is fabulous. He truly knows EVERYONE, and if he meets someone new, he becomes a fast friend. Clean, well-maintained Volkswagen van....could suit an entire family or group of friends comfortably. A cheerful, well-known person who not only shared tremendous knowledge but kept us laughing along the way. He was always more than punctual in meeting us each morning and kindly handled our luggage at each overnight stop. He made touring Ireland stress-free, allowing my husband and me to enjoy the scenery in a relaxed, comfortable way. We had obtained driver quotes from Dromoland and Ashford, but Tony was recommended by a B&B in Doolin, and his rates were much, much more reasonable. We adored him. When we initially emailed him, he responded promptly (as he did with all subsequent emails), and he even asked our phone number to call our home. He was pro-active with a suggestion to slightly alter our itinerary, and that change made our journey much more enjoyable. http://homepage.eircom.net/~tonyscabdoolin/ http://doolinmusictours.com/

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Hi Margaret: Thanks for this post. I was hoping you could share a few more details: • How many days did you hire Tony? • Which towns/destinations did he drive you to?
• Could you offer guidance on his daily rate? Many thanks! Debbie

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I thought I had posted an answer, but I think it went through as a private message to you. Let me know if you didn't receive it.