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Highly recommend Swiss Travel Pass

We just returned from following Rick's Switzerland itinerary for three weeks, using a 15 consecutive day Swiss Travel Pass. I can't say enough good things about the pass. We bought the second class pass--no need to spend the big francs on 1st--and downloaded the pass to our phones (we are technology idiots). It is so flexible and easy to use. If you screw up (we always do) and get on the wrong train, no problem. Just get off at the next station and start over. If you miss the train you want, no problem. Just take the next one. You can easily change your mind about where you want to go, take lots of day trips, ride the metros and buses, and the attraction discounts, especially the lifts into the mountains, really save you some money. This pass is so much easier to use than the Eurail Pass. It's pricey and worth every penny. The SBB app quickly gives you train schedules and even the platform where your train will be, including the train you might transfer to. When you buy on line (easy!) be sure to put in the right start date; I didn't at first and had to call to get a refund and start over (easy to do, but avoid if you can). Also, if you want to take any of the scenic trains, make your seat reservations early. I didn't and had to juggle a couple of hotel days to fit in a Golden Pass trip. We used it every single day.

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And if you're lucky, you can catch the STP sale, which has been once a year, since COVID!

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I’m also a huge fan of the Swiss Travel Pass. Except I do splurge and get 1st class. 😊 Glad you found it convenient.