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hidden europe magazine

Yes, that's right, 'hidden europe', with lower case h and e. Published by Nicky Gardner and Susanne Kries, two travel writers based in Berlin who, as well as writing and editing the magazine, are also the editors of Thomas Cook's 'Europe by Rail'. Appearing 3 times per year, the magazine carries no advertising and is generally no more than 50 pages long. As its name suggests, it focuses on places in Europe where you generally won't see crowds of people carrying those familiar guidebooks with the blue cover. The latest edition, number 38, has articles about a train journey from Kraków to Zakopane; Rannoch Moor in the Scottish Highlands; the annual Lent carnival in the village of Bielsa on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees; Parisian churches, temples and mosques and their associated prayer traditions; a re-tracing of an 1873 Thomas Cook guided tour from Salzburg to Vienna; the enduring appeal of printed timetables and guides in the internet age; how national 'branding' (tartan, for example) has evolved over 200 years; the German island of Hallig Hooge, together with 5 or 6 others. That's just in one issue. It's very diverse. I like it so much that not only do I subscribe, I bought all 38 back issues and I'm working my way through them slowly. They also do 'themed' packs of magazines, such as Balkan countries, Eastern & central Europe, island communities, Italy, Mediterranean & Adriatic, rail travel, religious communities, slow travel and others. It's €20 a year (for 3 issues) in Europe, or €26 in the rest of the world. I have no connection with the publishers, I'm just a very satisfied reader, and I recommend it heartily. Their website is

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A most excellent suggestion and a jolly good read. Ta much.