Have to Travel to Europe Twice...In 2 Weeks

Hello everyone; Need your help. Got a new job a few days ago (yay!) but it turns out I have to go to Germany for a big meeting. That's fine, but I'll be coming home 6 days before I'm turning around and heading back to Europe for a long planned personal vacation. My question - how in the heck does one handle this? Sleep aides? Naps? I'm stumped. Not a possibility to stay there so do have to come back and then turn around and go back. I'm just hoping I'm not in for some weird health issues. Better stay away from any snifflers. Thanks for any tips you can throw my way!

Posted by Cathy
Apache, OK
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Jennifer, you might get more responses if you put your question on the "General Europe" section of the helpline. You are in the travel report section now. When you get back, let us know about your trips...I hope both of them are positive for you. Cathy

Posted by donna
roswell, ga, usa
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Jennifer, I don't usually recommend this, but in this very special case, I'd visit your doctor and see if you can get a prescription for some of the sleep meds to get yourself on schedule for this short period of time. They're very easy to get addicted to, but if he gives you a one month (or shorter prescription) I think that will help you get over the hump. You'll probably only need about 6 of them. Also, DO take your vitamins: C, E B12 and zinc, to avoid getting a cold and keep your hands sanitized!