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handicapped accessibilty in Paris 2013- Part one

This summer my husband and I traveled to Paris for two weeks. Upon arriving I started having shortness of breath issues. We had dealt with this before and made the decision to stay in Paris rather than cancel the trip and go home. My husband went to the closest pharmacie (one on almost every block) and rented a wheel chair for me. So although we had planned the trip to be a very mobile one on foot and bike, we found ourselves suddenly adjusting to the wheel chair. Here is what we discovered: Parisans are remarkably kind to the handicapped. Everywhere we were accommodated immediately and all the major sites in and around Paris were handicapped accessible. The people in the MonoPrix department store even have an accessibility coordinator on site to help you. Everyone steps aside to allow a wheelchair to pass , even when they have been waiting in line and you get to go through all the specially cool side entrances and gets that no one else gets to (especially at Versailles). You do get shot to the head of any line and have lifts to yourself a lot... and discounted tickets too! Sidewalk cafes (which are EVERYWHERE) are great to roll up to in a wheelchair. Front row people watching! And Parks all have stairs AND ramps to get to different levels. Even the way to get down to the Seine has stairs AND ramps.

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Thanks for posting Elizabeth I am sure this will reassure many.